Empower battered women and children psychologically, economically, socially and politically, thus building a new human society based on justice, peace, liberty and fraternity.


Physical and psychological rehabilitation of battered women and children, destroyed by broken families, irrespective of caste or creed.

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Superintendent, Shantighar Shelter Home,
11th Road, MIDC, Near R.C Maruti High School,
Andheri East, Mumbai- 400093.

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I have come in order that you may have life - life in all its fullness.


Shanti Ghar, located in MIDC the business hub of Andheri East, is a shelter home for battered women and children. The home was incepted and inaugurated on 15th December 2001, by His Eminence Ivan Cardinal Dias, Archbishop of Mumbai. With a view to putting Christ's teachings and values into practice, the home shelters victims of domestic violence and other abuse irrespective of caste, creed and religion. These victims are sent by the police, court, other NGOs, the Parish and in certain cases, women come by themselves. To date the home has provided shelter and care to approximately 521 battered women and 89 children comprising divorcees, unwed mothers, H I V cases, mentally depressed cases and others.

Run by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit, the home celebrated its Decennial Anniversary on 10th December 2011, with a small programme - beginning with a “Thanksgiving Eucharistic Celebration followed by a cultural programme and ending with light refreshments. Eminent dignitaries e.g. Archbishop Emeritus Raphael Cheenath, Adv. Flavia Agnes, Mr. Abraham Mathai Ex-V.P. of the Minority Commission, DCP Suhas Warke, Fr. Baptist Pais Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Church and a host of priests and religious graced the occasion and expressed their views to a gathering of 300+ invitees.

Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit (SHSp)

The Congregation of 'Sisters of the Holy Spirit' was founded in Koblenz, Germany on 4th June 1857 by Mother Irmina Hoelscher with the incentive of Fr. Philipp de Lorenzi. On 7th February 1858 the four pioneers made their commitment and received religious names as Anna Maria Hoelscher - Sr. Irmina, Mathilde Jesse - Sr. Anastasia, Anna Hoerter - Sr. Severa, Maria Eichner - Sr. Modesta. Sisters placed their lives and activities under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In 1929, the Holy See raised the congregation to pontifical status during the papacy of Pius IX.

In 1862, the congregation extended its activities by admitting battered women in the convent house itself, as well as giving free tuition for poor students. They began to take care of the aged and sick in the new house1 5, Loehrrondell in 1865. In 1866, the first branch of the congregation was opened in Dudweiler / Saar. They mainly concentrated on the medical apostolate and teaching in industrial schools for the girls. In 1868 the second branch was opened at Saarbrucken. After the Kulturkampf (Culture Struggle) of the Government again allowed the sisters to open new branches and to recruit candidates to the congregation. Mother Elisabeth bought a plot at Moselweiss to start a hospital, a Novitiate and a home for the aged. In 1887 this centre was inaugurated and named as 'Marienhof.

World War II brought destruction and tension to the congregation. In bombing, Marienhof convent and church building were completely destroyed. The Mother House was partially destroyed by fire. 1939 seven convents in Saar were closed down and sisters fled to unknown faraway places as refugees. The congregation lost all the documents regarding the foundation and activities of the pioneers because the archives were burnt down. A great demand was laid on each one to build up the congregation once again.

In 1964 Mother Euthymia and her team decided to extend the mission to India and worked hard for its establishment. Hence, in 1973 congregation reached in India to work in Diocese of Chanda and started the first centre at Warur ' Tera Prem' on 21st January.

On 1st September 2008, Sisters of the Holy Spirit launched its mission activities in Tanzania.

In the year 2017 sisters started to work in America



Shelter Home

Women who face with various problems in their families and in the society are given shelter till the problem is solved. They are assisted in every way and empowered to face the challenges of life.

Individual & Family Counseling

Every Individual who comes to this centre is provided counseling facility. Shantighar along with shelter home is also a counseling centre for people in crises, where many people come for counseling. We have trained counselors seven days of the week. They come on appointment /or on a call. Apart from women in the shelter home, many families come for counselling. 'Family in crisis is one of the major issues in our society today. Conflicts between the couples grow without confrontation which finally leads to the breakage of marriage bond. All these issues are amicably settled over in Shantighar .


Women are provided /sent out for training according to their choices and capacity .If the women are not able to go for work because of the children they are kept in the day care Centres thus women are made free to work outside and earn their living. Every month forth Sunday various awareness programmes are arranged in Shantighar and resource persons are invited. Every first Sunday of the month life skill training is arranged for the adolescent’s girls in Shantighar. Every year in summer vacations various short courses are arranged for the women, youth, adolescents, widows, seiner citizens and girls in Shantighar.

Job Opportunities

After giving enough time for the individual for self-realization and relaxation most of the women are sent out for work according to their capacity. Institution finds out the job opportunity for her. If the women are not educated and not having any training, and GOs institution finds out suitable known family for housemaid work thus women are made self-reliant. Thereafter, she has the choice of searching for another job consultation with institution.


Once the women become self –reliant and earning a good salary slowly women shift to a rental room along with her children. If the women are unable to take care of the children institution place them in different boarding and expenses are met by the institution. While shifting to a rented room we provide them all the necessary articles to have a new beginning in their life.

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Legal assistance and Mediation

There is a group of Advocates who deals with the legal issue related to these women. Women are helped to get maintenance for them and for the children from the husband, or go for mutual consent divorce. They are also helped to get their fair share of property and to get divorce if the client is convinced of the need for being separated from the husband. Mediation is another method of assisting legally where a third person mediates and speaks for both the parties impartially. Finally come to an opinion which would be acceptable for both the parties.

Personality Development Programmes

Women are helped to come out of their depression through sharing and various seminars and programmes which would build up their self-esteem and hope. They are given emotional support creating a home atmosphere and understanding in Shantighar

Women Empowerment programmes

Every 4th Sunday of the month various awareness programmes are arranged in Shantighar for the women and resource persons are invited from various fields. Every year in summer vacations various short courses are arranged for the women, youth, adolescents, children, widows, seiner citizens and girls in Shantighar.

Children & youth development programmes

Every alternate Sunday of the month life skill training is arranged for the adolescent’s, youth and children in Shantighar.

Shantighar AA group & Alanon Group

Seeing the need of the Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) group, Shantighar began the AA programme on the 18th of October 2015, holding meetings every Sunday from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. It has been a successful programme and has helped in rehabilitation a number of families. The Al Anon programme started on 10th Jan.2016. The number of people attending is increasing every Sunday. As the Al Anon members begin to understand that Alcoholism is a disease they are able to give as much empathy and care as they would to a patient of any other sickness. One day get-together programme is organized every year as birthday of Shantighar AA group & Al-anon group. Shantighar AL-ANON group, which includes wives, is a support system to help family members understand the problems associated with alcoholism and to find relevant solutions. The Shantighar Al-anon group meets every Friday. It provides an opportunity for the women to express their feelings and share their concerns.

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Governing body members of Shantighar Society

Sr. Treesa M.P


Sr. Sheeba Paul


Sr. Marlene


Sr. Liza


Sr. Gracy


Sr. Stella


Sr. Ann Maria


Managing body Shantighar Shelter home

Sr. Sheeba Paul


Sr. Agnes


Sr. Marlene

Legal Advisor (Lawyer)

Admission Process

Modes of Women reach out to Shantighar

There are different ways women come to the centre such as through police, NGOs, Parishes, Social workers, Rescue homes and various individuals.

Process of admission to shelter home

The women who want to get admission to Shantighar shall have a police complaint copy stating the problem faced by her and indicating that she is shifting to the shelter home. She also should have medical documents showing her present general health condition.



Ms. Sarita (Name changed)

Ms. Sarita, born on 16.08.1990 from a well-to-do family of Jain community in Mumbai. She looks beautiful and was studying in the 12th standard. During this period she fell in love with a Maharashtrian Hindu, an auto driver and without the consent of her parents, she got married to him. Since she married from other caste, without the permission of her parents, parents refused to accept her. She gave birth to a baby boy namely Veer, and now he is 7 years old.

Unfortunately her husband was addicted to drugs and alcohol and thereof they had a miserable life. When her father-in-law was alive, they stayed along with him in the rental house by his mercy. After the death of the father-in-law, they were thrown out by the owner due to their financial constraints and non-payment of the stipulated amount of rent.

Due to the bad financial conditions they were unable to hire a room, and they started to live in a damaged auto abandoned on the roadside. One day one unknown person assaulted her and beaten her up and she became unconscious. A Good Samaritan passed by that way and seeing her condition reached her to the nearby govt. hospital. Almost four months she was in the hospital. During this time her husband was killed by someone and the neighbors cremated him.

Due to the assaults she got severe injuries on the brain, and she became semi-paralyzed and her eyes were damaged. When she was discharged from the hospital, she was admitted in a blind institute. After some days the organization asked her to leave the place as she was not totally blind, moreover she developed epilepsy. Thereafter, through one of our benefactor her child was admitted in Snehasadan and Sarita was brought to Shantighar.

Sarita was in deep depression and started bad habits and was addicted to smoking, pan masala, black tea and mobile. Since she was physically challenged and due to depression, she was unable to maintain herself and even the natures call. When the In-charge realized the need of special care and treatment, we started to give proper care, therapy, counseling, medication, proper food on time to time. In a short time she showed improvements and started managing herself and doing her daily routines. Even she started reading books and learning English, which was completely neglected by her.

The continuous positive strokes and encouragement from the therapist, the shelter home and friends, she moved forward with great enthusiasm and took up a job of housekeeping, and she is working now. She looks at a bright future and specially thinking of her son. She decided to be independent, to work and to live successfully. Even in this pandemic period, she took a challenge and rented a room and continued the work of housekeeping in a company. Shantighar helped her with the needed arrangements to set up her home with household articles and provisions.

The life of Sarita became an example and enlightenment for many.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks
into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one”

- Mark Twain.

Ms. Manisha (Name changed)

Ms. Manisha aged 34 years along with her 4-year-old son, came to Shantighar seeking for shelter in January 2020 due to domestic violence, mental torture and physical assault due to adultery. She was thrown out of the house, and he brought one lady and started staying in the house. Through Protection officer she approached the Hon’ble Court and got an order from the Kalyan court in her favour, to continue to stay in the matrimonial home. When she reached along with the protection officer, he threatened them and entry to the house was blocked. Protection officer also just left her without any assistance. Then Manisha along with the small child left on the road without any hope. With one individual’s help she reached to MIDC police station and from there she was brought to Shantighar.

When she came, she was very complicated in her behaviour, not mingling with other inmates, suspicious, abusive, no helping hand and isolated. Continuous counseling and guidance she slowly opened up and started to mingle with other inmates and staff. Her case was pending in Kalyan court and in Session court. Due to pandemic matters were not getting forward. Finally, with the help of other friends she took the courage and left the Shantighar on 29.07.2020 and entered her matrimonial home with the help of police. Thus, she got her house back and now living happily.

Ms. Fatima Rahim (Name changed)

Ms. Fatima Rahim was referred from Maharashtra State women’s Council ASHA SADAN borne on 19.09.2000. She has no parent and was brought up by her fraternal aunt since her parents were missing from her childhood. She was admitted in Asha Sadan on 25.03.2017. Her aunty did not send her to School but made her to do domestic work and harassed her. She was in relationship with a boy staying next to her house, aunt wanted to marry her with another boy. She ran away from home .The police found her on the railway station and presented to CWC, then to Asha Sadan. After completing 18 years of age since she didn’t want to go home, she was referred to Shantighar on 25.01.2019.

Fatima showed interest to study and wanted to become a woman with dignity and respect, we took admission for her in the nearby school in Andheri (E) and she passed 6th std. Thereafter, she wanted to work and study. We helped her to get a job with the Export agency of Central Government at Andheri east, which was close to the shelter home. After getting the job, she felt to be independent and desired to stay separate. She freely and voluntarily left Shantighar on 11.09.2019. She is continuously working and looking for a successful and bright future.

Ms. Shanti (Name changed)

Ms. Shanti was 40 years old along with her baby aged about 2 years old, was referred by Church of Our Lady of Mercy, Thane to the center on 28th March 2017. She was a Divorcee. She was working in a clinic then she met Mr. Ramesh and started in a living relationship and after 9 years she was thrown out by her partner. Shanti was very active in the home and was interested in all the activities and particularly learning new things. She did learn making candle-, flower-, paper bag -, door mat with old clothes etc. like other inmates. We could arrange sale in the different churches. The child was admitted in the play school and thereafter in the junior KG nearby English medium school. Since she wanted to start new life in the society again she took up a job in a hospital at Mahakali and shifted to a rental room. We wish her best of luck in her life’s journey.


Wings of the Holy Spirit is the lay association of the Congregation of the sisters of the Holy Spirit. Live with a purpose and move with a purpose. Motivated with a purpose. Lay Association is a venture of Congregation of the sisters of the Holy Spirit whose Charism is “to be a living community in the Holy Spirit and to make working of the Holy Spirit in this world tangible to the people. Our mission shall be according to the “signs of the times”. Since the year 2017 few members freely and voluntarily joined in the movement and seeking together to comply the mission of Jesus in collaborating with the Congregation of the sisters of the Holy Spirit. We cordially welcome who are inspired and enthused by the spirit to be part of our Mission as it is the need of the time.

Vision Statement

Moved by the love of the Holy Spirit to touch hearts and change lives.

Mission Statement

Commitment to the holistic development of disadvantaged families.


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Shantighar Shelter Home,
11th Road, MIDC,
Near R.C Maruti High School,
Andheri East,
Mumbai- 400093.

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Phone: 8828365666, 9004531321, 9892022785

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